Canon Printer Error 6000
Mar 29 2019

How to fix – Canon Printer Error 6000

Canon is best known and one the top electronic brand across the globe. The company is been facilitating us with their highly advanced and sophisticated products like cameras, camcorders, Home segment printers, high end Medical optic equipments and industry printers and photocopiers.

Canon home segment printers are the most appreciated and best selling devices these days. The best part of canon printers is that they are very user friendly in handling and fully featured. Canon printers are the most efficient and cost effective printers to get the print jobs done in our daily life.

The second best thing with canon printers is the Canon printer support. Though you hardly require it however at times due to computer or technical environment updates may cause some glitches to obstruct the regular working of Canon printers. There you need Canon printer support number +1 877-520-0749 to get instant solution for your canon printer related issues. Our Canon Printer experts will take control and help resume your print jobs.

Today here we will discuss Canon printer error 6000 which is a common issue usually generated in unfavorable situations listed below and we will also facilitate you with best possible initial solutions to fix the Canon printer error.

Why Canon Printer Error 6000: 

  • Main cause of error 6000 is the blockage in opening of paper feed tray in canon printer. This may be due to a paper piece stuck or dust particles in opening part.
  • This error code may occur when the tray is not correctly fitted in the printer.
  • This error may also occur when there are fewer papers in tray and we try to give a multiple paper print command at a single time, we feed the tray with more papers later and paper get stuck in the tray.
  • It may also appear on your desk system when the printer is surrounded by plenty of papers.
  • Line feed is either smeared or scratched.
  • Defective sensor unit or in-line feed slit may also causes Canon Printer error 6000. Read more

Procedure to Fix Canon Printer Error 6000:

We have given few steps below with the help of which a user may fix this issue instantly.  Restarting canon printer will help in resolving Canon printer error code 6000. Below mentioned is the step by step process.

  • Unplug printer device from the power source, and leave it for few seconds in the same state.
  • Re-plug the power cable of canon printer and again switch it on.
  • Press and hold the “Power” button for 8-10 seconds, then press the “Stop” button twice.
  • Repeat this procedure twice.
  • Now release the “Power” button.
  • Press the “Stop” button for four times.

The above process will definitely resolve your issue. However if the same error still persists with Canon printer, then you need immediate support for diagnosing your device by any certified printer expert.

Though then above solution will resolve the Canon Printer error 6000 however if for some reasons the above mentioned methods do not work it means that there is any other problem with your printer. To resolve your issue, you now need to contact Canon Printer support number for a quick and precise solution. Certified printer technicians of Canon printer customer support can online diagnose the issue present in your printer and can guide you with necessary troubleshooting steps over the phone. Call now to Canon printer support for instant solution, we are available with a 24/7 Canon printer support number +1 877-520-0749 to fix your printer, Or Visit Our Company website

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